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Pinoy JE
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19th-Jul-2016 01:29 pm - Selling Magazines, photo *Clearence*

(Click on the link for pictures)

- Duet July 2008 $5
-MAQUIA December 2008 $5
- Potato July 2008 $5
-Calendar 2009-2010 $10
- Wink up Feb 2008 $5
-Freestyle art card - $20 each

Dream A-Live
-Matsumoto Jun AAA08 Shop photo $2 each

- Local shipping fee NOT included
- bank transfer
- meetup station: tanjong pagar - boon lay station
- ship international (from singapore)
- paypal additional 6%

feel free email me at ohnolic@hotmail.com ^^
25th-Feb-2016 01:39 am - Arashi Fukkatsu Love
On-Hand! :)
For interested buyers, you can PM us on facebook or here in LJ.

8th-Feb-2016 02:35 am - SALE: Arashi Items
In celebration of Year of the Monkey, we will be having a 20% off on ALL on-hand items [official/unofficial]! :)) Promo is until Feb. 8, 11:59 PM only. For reservation, just PM us your name, address, contact number and the item on our facebook page. We ship worldwide.

Just less 20% on the listed price and that would be the sale price. :)
*Arashi Blast in Miyagi First Press LE/JP - Php 3,400
*Arashi Japonism Yoitoko Version LE/JP - Php 1,900
*Arashi Japonism Bag - Php 800
*Arashi Digitalian T-Shirt - Php 1,800
*Satoshi Ohno Freestyle I: Php 1,800
*Satoshi Ohno Freestyle II: Php 1,800

Unofficial Goods
*Sho Sakurai Keychain: Php 334
*Jun Matsumoto Keychain: Php 334
*Masaki Aiba Keychain: Php 334
*Satoshi Ohno Keychain: Php 334
*Kazunari Ninomiya Keychain: Php 334
*Sho Sakurai Metal Sticker: Php 224
*Jun Matsumoto Metal Sticker: Php 224
*Masaki Aiba Metal Sticker: Php 224
*Satoshi Ohno Metal Sticker: Php 224
*Kazunari Ninomiya Metal Sticker: Php 224
*Pin Badge: Php 334
*Necklace: Php 389
*Fashionable Necklace: Php 349
*Lanyard: 280
*Sho/Ohno/Jun/Nino/Aiba/Group Ring: Php 280

For the actual photos, please click here.

To check our credibility, please click here.
31st-Jan-2016 02:05 am - Looking for Arashi Singles
Hello guys!
Do you know someone who is selling the following arashi singles:

*Arashi (1st single)
*Sunrise Nippon
*Typhoon Generation
*A Day In Our Life
*Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi
*Kimi no tameni boku ga iru

Please guys let me know :) Can't find them in music stores T^T
18th-Jan-2016 10:41 am - [Pre-Order] Arashi FUKKATSU LOVE
Please visit our facebook page for more info. Thanks!

Deadline of Reservation: February 15, 2016
Deadline of Payment: February 20, 2016
Release Date: February 24, 2016
ETA: February 29, 2016

Hi guys!
We have two excess Arashi Blast in Miyagi First Press LE/JP Version. :D
For those interested, just PM me! :) It's on-hand.

(FREE SHIPPING FOR PH BUYERS! Open for international buyers)
Payment is until Dec. 28.

*First Press Limited Edition / JP Version (LIMITED QUANTITIES)
Php 3,400 for DVD
Php 3,400 for Blu-Ray
*Special Packaging/48p booklet/Blast Letter Set

*Regular Edition / JP Version
Php 2,999 for DVD
Php 2,999 for Blu-Ray
*Regular Tall Case/24p booklet

*NOTE: All sales are counted in the music chart.

PM me or visit our facebook page.

[Arashi Japonism Pre-order]


LE - P800
RE- P710
Deadline of Payment: November 20,2015
Just PM for ORDERS :))
10th-Oct-2015 09:42 pm - Fanclub Membership for everyone :D <3
Hello everyone. I'm gathering people who have problems with Email address to use for Arashi's fanclub or any other JE fanclub. I'm planning to buy a domain and we can all create an email using that website, domain registration and domain hosting will be shared equally to all of us.

Please comment in my post: here. Sankyuuu.
The Digitalian DVD & Bluray P2,700
Ai Wo Sakebe P750

I'm also doing a pre-order for different items!
Yamazaki Kento First Photobook "Genzaichi" P1300
Yamazaki Kento Photobook "THE KENTOS" P1400
Fukushi Sota Calendar 2015.4 - 2016.3 P1550
Fukushi Sota no "Hajimete no XX" P1200
Fukushi Sota no "Hajimete no XX" w/ DVD with making-of P1500
AKB48 Sosenkyo! Mizugi Surprise Happyo 2015 P750
Deadline of Payment: August 30, 2015
Meet up and shipping will start on September 15 onwards. :)
Please fill this form for orders. :)

Also doing a Pre-Order for One Ok Rock's Vans and 35XXXV goods. PM me for details.
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